The realization of a dream, and how you can join us

A project like this doesn’t come about by accident. It starts with a vision, a desire to create and to see a dream come to life.

For Donnie Zumwalt, the best way to share the joy he experiences caring for this beautiful land is to invite others in just as the Rasberry/Nester family did for him so many years ago. After years of watching his father-in-law carefully tending to this incredible place, he eventually took over as caretaker. Together, he and Lauren decided that the little tree farm was too beautiful to keep to themselves – and Rasberry Greene was born!

Now, the dream is starting to take shape. This week the foundation for The Gin was poured, and for the first time, we can see a glimpse of the grand structure Donnie and Lauren sketched and resketched, planned and envisioned for so long. Soon, happy souls will fill this space as families are joined, beloved traditions come to life and promises are spoken beneath the trees.

Donnie says, “The Gin at Rasberry Greene reminds me of the old W.G. Rasberry Gin in Soso, which was torn down in the late 70s. We have the cotton scale and the belt that ran the ginning equipment– sure do wish we had some of the original wood from the structure. Our building is designed similarly, with the big open room, the loading dock area, and the partial walkway around the outside. The big front porch should provide an excellent backdrop for one of the outdoor ceremony areas. It will also be a great place to relax and enjoy the rocking chairs and porch swing. We’re excited about all of the different photo opportunities the place offers, as well.

It has been fun to sketch the design and figure out the mix of materials and textures to make it appear as if it has been in this location for a hundred years.

I’m so happy that my cousin, Orville Van Fossen, and his crew are able to build the gin for us. Orville has contributed so many neat ideas that we may not have thought of without his help.

Of course we’re biased, but we think this will be such a pretty spot. Quiet, peaceful, close to nature. Standing on the slab this morning, hearing bird calls, watching ducks swim across the pond, I couldn’t help but imagine that people will enjoy this break from the hustle and bustle of life.”

Do you want to speak your vows beneath the trees, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of the forest and the loving warmth of the most important people in your life?

Already, we’ve been so blessed by the comments and interest we’ve received from you all. We just can’t wait to welcome you to this incredible place.

Are you planning a 2015 wedding or event?

Booking will officially open at midnight, January 1, 2015.

If you feel like this place could be right for you, please reach out to us any time at [email protected] to request a tour of the property and to view the construction! Although we won’t officially book any dates before Jan 1, we’re happy to show you around and answer any questions you have. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a quiet break with us!

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We’re so darn excited to welcome you to this place we all adore so much.

Rasberry Greene

A story to inspire and celebrate a love that matters.

The Gin at Rasberry Greene is a rustic, industrial wedding and event venue nestled deep in the woods of Soso, MS.

At Rasberry Greene we encourage you to focus on the decisions that really matter - on the memories made and future stories to tell that will last beyond the details and help you build a marriage with meaning.

After all, it's in the quiet, intentional moments where we see our future ahead of us, and what a beautiful one it is!

Begin your story beneath the trees

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